Character Animation Course

Learn to Animate

8-Week Course, live on zoom

Learn how to animate characters in 2D and 3D

What to expect from this course

During this 8-Week online course, You will learn the basics of animating in 2D and 3D. 

Do you want to learn how to animate but are not sure if you should learn 2D or 3D animation then this is the course for you!

During this course, you get the chance to experiment and learn the basics of animation and create a couple of character animations you can use to start building your Demo Reel.

Animation can be difficult to learn but this course will help you every step in the way. You will be bringing characters to life in no time!


Who is this class for

Do you love animation and want to learn how to create animations yourself?

Then this course is perfect for you!

For this course, you don't need any prior knowledge to join. all you need is a computer that is powerful enough to run Blender and a graphic tablet.

If you have animated before then that is only a bonus. This course might give you a great opportunity to experiment with a type of animation that you never worked with before.

For this course, I recommend that you at least :

  • Speak proficient English.

  • Have enough spare time for the homework assignments.

  • Have a Computer that can run Blender and have a Graphic tablet to draw with. 

Are you already a more experienced animator? Check out the advanced Animation Course: Facial Performance.

Learn by experimenting

Try animating in 2D and 3D


Personal guidence

The Best way to improve your skills is with personal feedback, someone who can pinpoint what is working and what isn't. 

During this class, the instructor Nanda van Dijk will guide you to create the best animation you can make. Every week you will get notes and draw overs on your work to improve your animations.


"Without doubt, in animation each frame is important, every movement defines the character."

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Learn from Nanda van Dijk

With over 11 years of experience working in the animation industry, Nanda has done it all. 

She has worked on 6 feature films, 4 games, and many tv commercials. She worked as an animation director, 2D and 3D animator, storyboard artist, modeler, rigger, illustrator, and instructor. She knows all the ins and outs of working in the European animation industry. Click on the button below to read on:

Get to know Nanda

Do you have questions about this course or are you not quite sure if this course is for you?


Book an introduction call with Nanda. This will be a private 15-minute zoom call where you can ask her any questions you have. After this call, you can decide what you want to do. You can book this call without any obligation.


Week 1:

We start with an introduction to animation and to the software that we will use during this course.

Week 2:

To learn the basics we start at the basics. You will learn about the 12 animation principles and how to use them.

Week 3:

This week we go deeper into 2D animation. We are going to experiment with animating a character.

Week 4:

This week we are going to look at 3D animation. Using an animation rig we will create a simple character animation.

Week 5:

After experimenting with both 2D and 3D you will pick a technique to make a bigger character animation with. 

Week 6:

Timing and Spacing. You will learn how you can use Timing and Spacing to enhance your animation.

Week 7:

To wrap everything up you have to polish your shot. Make sure everything is clean and looks amazing!

Week 8:

Congrats, you finished your animation! This week we will look at how to showcase your brand new animation.

Small classes

Classes are limited to 10 people, so sign up now to secure your spot!

Class sizes are kept small to ensure you receive the attention you deserve.

Every class is 1.5 hours to start with but can be extended to make sure that every student gets the attention they need.

The course will need at least 5 applications in order to start.


Peter Klijn

"Nanda gave some excellent feedback on how to improve my characters. The feedback was always clear but never too leading in a certain direction, so I still found space to give my own spin on it."

Ayoub Moulakhnif

"I have been in a class hosted by Nanda, and it has been a fantastic experience. Nanda is a very talented artist with a rich background in different aspects of art, but more importantly, she is approachable and very friendly."

Sadé Collins

"Nanda’s feedback and advice helped me to evolve my character in ways I wasn’t able to on my own and I’m grateful for it"

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