Mentorship Program

Private Tutoring to give you exactly the help you need!

Do you need help with your portfolio, demo reel or personal projects?

I can help you with your Animations, Illustrations, Storyboards, 3D models, and Rigs*

*only available for rigging in Maya and Moho

Three ways to get feedback

Everyone has a preferred way of learning. This is you can find a number of ways to learn and receive feedback on this website. You might like to learn in a class environment if that's the case I suggest taking a look at the online courses that are available here

But maybe you want to learn in a private environment with one-on-one feedback with a focus on you and your devellopment. Below you can find 3 ways of receiving feedback or getting help learning new skills. 



Send in animations, artwork, or your demo reel. Within 1 to 5 workdays you will receive a 10- to 15-minute video recording with detailed feedback, draw-overs, and advice by Nanda van Dijk. 

Private tutoring

During a one-hour Zoom meeting, you will receive help on your project or learn a new skill of your choosing. You pick the topic and decide what you want to learn or need help with.

Mentorship Program

With the mentorship programs, you will receive 2 or 4 times a month private tutoring at a discounted rate. The discount depends on the program you choose. You decide when and at what time to meet.

Feedback Video

Request a feedback video


Available for:

  • Art 

  • Animations

  • Models

  • Rigs* 

  • Portfolio/Demo Reel.

*Rigs only for Maya and Moho

If you request a feedback video you will receive a movie file and a link to a video on Vimeo with a password. 

Click to watch an example video

Feedback Video

Feedback Video

€ 35,00Regular Price€ 29,75Sale Price

After you order the Feedback Video you will receive a PDF file describing what to do next.

Creating the Video can take from 1 to 5 workdays after we receive your work.

If you are not 100% happy with this video, we will refund your money!

Private Tutoring

Even better than a feedback video is Private tutoring.


This is the best and fastest way to improve your skills. During an hour-long Zoom call with Nanda van Dijk, you can get feedback on your work, learn new skills, and get inside information on working in the animation industry.  

Ask any questions you have!

You will have full attention and get exactly the information you need to learn to improve!

The class can be recorded if you like.

You will receive a zoom link with a password after the session.

  • One hour class to get help with your portfolio or personal projects.

    1 hr

    75 euros


"Thank you for today's course, I highly appreciate it.  It was extremely clear, professional, well explained, requirements on point, and I had so much fun, the atmosphere was very welcoming. Some good laughs really uplift a course like this, I felt very welcome from the start, and felt home to be somewhat "myself". Not rigid, you did well to keep me calm because I was obviously a bit nervous as well at the start. I absolutely enjoyed it!"

Attila Kiraly

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Mentorship Program


You can also sign up for weekly or bi-weekly private tutoring to improve your work or learn new skills. You can sign up for one of the mentorship programs.


With this program, you will get a big discount on the private tutoring sessions to keep improving until you are happy!

After you sign up you can set the dates and times you prefer.

And you can cancel this program at any time.

Plus more awesome perks are coming soon!

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Learn from Nanda van Dijk

With over 11 years of experience working in the animation industry, Nanda has done it all. 

She has worked on 6 feature films, 4 games, and many tv commercials. She worked as an animation director, 2D and 3D animator, storyboard artist, modeler, rigger, illustrator, and instructor. She knows all the ins and outs of working in the European animation industry.