About me

Hi, my name is Nanda van Dijk

I am a 2D and 3D animator, storyboard artist, and art instructor. 

My main specialty is Character animation but I also love to draw, paint, model, and rig. 

I have worked on a lot of commercials, a couple of games, and 5 feature films.

All European movies so you probably haven't seen any of them hahaha

If you are interested to see how I make my art and animations, join me on Twitch! You can expect to see art and animation demonstrations, you can ask me questions and if you subscribe to my channel, you can use my custom emoji's if you chat on Twitch


I will stream every Tuesday at 8 pm CET


I hope you will join me and see you online!

Nanda van Dijk   |  email: contact@nanda-creates.com   |   Phone: +31 6 1376 6233

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